3D Or Not 3D?

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3D Or Not 3D? That is the burning question. Well when it relates to movies it is. 3D movies have become a major play in the world of movies but is it worth parting the extra money? Are some movies better in 3D or 2D? Well we hope to bring you some insight and give you food for thought in when debating to upgrade to the 3 dimensional world.

As you can probably imagine with some movies 3D might not be the best idea and with some movies you couldn’t possibly have it any other way. It is personal preference on what type of movies you prefer, if you like a good action movie them 3D would be high on your agenda. If it was a romantic comedy for instance there might not be any 3D moments worth paying extra for.

We recently caught up with Roy Thomas, Content Director over at 3D Movie Reviews to get some tips on the matter at hand. Here are some of the questions we asked.

What are some of the best 3D movies you have have come across and why?

There are plenty of titles out there but there are a few that spring to mind, most recently Jurrasic World boasts some great 3D moments. As you can imagine because of all the dino action and great visuals, it was bound to bring epic 3D moments. Another movie that is right up there with the best is Hugo 3D all though it isn’t such a massive title, the 3D makes this movie. The little things matter when making a movie and nothing changes when it comes to 3D. My all time and I think most peoples favourite 3D movie is Avatar, it was produced before its time and was physically waiting technology to catch up.Avatar 3D


“Avatar was physically waiting technology to catch up”

What are some of the worst titles you have come across?

There is one that springs to mind and it might surprise a lot of people and that is  Tron 3D. Not so much surprise people about the movie itself, because the story line isn’t the greatest but you would think the potential of what you could do with the 3D would be endless in the already 3D fantasy world of Tron. I don’t think the makers utilised it to the best they could and if your not keen on the movie anyway then this is a perfect example of when to say no.

You can usually spot a movie that isn’t going to live up to the 3D hype, and that is usually when the movie itself doesn’t have an action based plot or when they bring out an existing movie in 3D. It can be visually disappointing to see 3D adapted or forced as a money spinner rather than organically made for 3D.

Tron 3D


“It can be visually disappointing to see 3D adapted or forced as a money spinner”

Are you in the 3D camp or not?

Yes I can say I am. I think it is the only way to watch your favourite titles. Especially the new movies that come out. You know they are made in 3D rather than 2D being adapted and forced like I stated earlier. I would say one of the only downfalls is the cost of 3D. To make and to watch isn’t cheap. Making a movie in 3D costs a lot more than in 2D, which reflects in the price of your cinema ticket and eventually your Blu-ray or Steelbooks. So the more popular 3D becomes, which it will, it might put people off which creates a catch 22 situation. It doesn’t help families when all the latest animated movies are being brought out in 3D either, it is becoming a real driving force in the movie world and rightly so.