Amazon Fire Stick TV Review

Amazon Fire Stick Review

Amazon Fire Stick TV Review.

The Amazon fire stick has combined all your favourite subscriptions and the best streaming services with a wide selection of digital content to bring you a device will impress you. The Amazon Fire Stick allows you to watch different television episodes, movies, news, sports as well as play games with your spouse. The fire stick has a voice remote that comes with a built-in mic that allows you to search television shows, actors as well as genres. With this device, you will not waste time all in the name of typing using your remote control to find different things you want. In addition, you use the fire stick to listen to millions of songs through Amazon music and TuneIn among other sources. The Amazon Prime membership allows you to access prime music that include free listening of over one million songs from world class musicians. For those who love games, the fire stick enables you to play different games using the voice remote controller. Some of the games to enjoy include Cross Road. It also boasts of a responsive
interface that makes it easy to search for results within seconds.

What does the package include?

• Quick start guide

• USB cable and the power adaptor

• Fire Stick TV

• Amazon Fire TV Remote

Product features

• TV compatibility- the device is highly compatible with HDCP models from Philips, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Westinghouse and Digihome just to mention a few of them

• Warranty and service- The gadget comes with a limited warranty of one year from the manufacturer.

• Output resolution support- this fire stick can support 720p and 1080p up to a maximum of 60pfs.

• Content format supported- the unit can support JPEG, PNG, BMP, AAC-LC, eAC3, FLAC, MP3 and PCM/Wave

• Ports- the device has one microSB port and one type A HDMI 1.4b output port

• Bluetooth- it has a Bluetooth 3.0 support

• Cloud Storage- Amazon Cloud Drive customers are offered with 5 GB of storage at no cost

• Dimensions- the device is 84.9 mm x 25.0 mm x 11.5 mm and weighs 25.1g only for easy portability

• Processor- the fire stick has a dual-core 2xARM A9 processor

• Subtitles- you can watch videos and television shows with their subtitles shown.


• Easy to install

• No more buffering

• Unlimited access to thousands of prime videos

• Ten thousands of movies, television episodes

• Great device for casual gaming

• The most powerful media streaming tool

• Most responsive interface that allows you to search for results in a matter of seconds

• Fast and fluid design, thanks to its dual core processor

• Stunning videos

• Easily portable hence you can use in different places

• Does not work without USB power

• The Subtitles are not availed for all the content on this device.
Final verdict

In conclusion, this Amazon Fire Stick Review has shown the stick is the most powerful stick you can buy when it comes to video streaming. The device is easy to install and has a responsive interface. You can use for casual gaming, watching television shows and listening to music. Unlike other complicated devices on the market, this fire stick has a simple design that makes it easy to use. You can order for this fire stick from here or the Amazon store to experience real entertainment.