Shabby Chic Is The Way Forward


Shabby Chic Is The Way Forward- Shabby Chic Furniture is one of the newest, fastest growing trends to hit our homes in the last few years. Slowly becoming one the first port of call when decorating or planning our next big furniture overhaul. Interior design may be made out to be some sort of augmentation to construction modeling or home outline. In actuality, it is about expressing your personal style through your space. The interiors of your home, office, or any space that you own reflect your attitude to life and how you treat yourself.

What Is Shabby Chic Furniture?

What is Shabby Chic is something a lot of people are learning the answer to at a very fast pace. The shabby chic style of outlining is simply ideal for doing you’re planning yourself. It’s a stand out amongst the most prevalent patterns at the present minute. More than “planning your space” and making it tidy and legitimate, the shabby chic design “strategy” is more about playing with the elements and thinking of a style that is one of a kind and about you.

Furniture shapes a vital component in styling your interiors. It can make or break your home. You wouldn’t want to invest energy in a home that doesn’t invigorate or relax you. What’s the point in having furniture that doesn’t inspire you? In the event that you are exhausted with customary furniture plans or shocked by the expense of vintage pieces, shabby chic presents you the ideal option. It is essentially the idea of taking old or new furniture and distressing it to give it an antique look. That’s right, you can transform you’re existing furniture into great looking antique furniture at very minimal cost.

How to Shabby Chic.

For developing shabby chic furniture pieces such as chairs or sideboards or wardrobes, you will require a base coat and paint. The commonly used shades in the shabby chic style are in the lighter side of the colour chart. They include white, grey and sky blue, First, you need to apply the base coat, allow it to dry thoroughly. Then you need to apply the first coat of paint. The second coat goes on later once the first coat has dried. Now comes the fun part. You can sand or simply brush away some of the painted sections on your furniture with a sponge or something rougher. Once you see a design rising up  from the background, style it accordingly and then once you’re satisfied with what you have, apply paint polish over it evenly, and voila, you have your shabby Chic furniture pieces ready.

We spoke with the guys over at Find Shabby Chic Furniture on just how popular it has become, here are some of the questions we got to ask them.

Just how popular has shabby chic become?

Well the fact we are speaking to you should speak volumes! Our site is built as a directory for shabby chic businesses within the UK. The idea is for people looking for the best shabby chic businesses in their area to be able to find them. Not many businesses who sell the products actually rank for them as they have many other branches in their business so they can be hard to find. For instance if someone was to Google Shabby Chic Furniture North West or Shabby Chic Furniture London they might not find dedicated shabby chic businesses, that’s where we step in. People can navigate through our site and find some great local businesses. Shabby chic is all about personal touch and creativity, some of the high street businesses are not only over priced, but their range isn’t unique. We believe in supporting and promoting local businesses.

How much do you expect the shabby chic market to grow?

In all honesty all though more an more people are starting to discover shabby chic, it is still a very new concept considering its basis is old and vintage. I can see more mainstream businesses selling more products, and I can see a lot more local shops being opened as I can see the profit available. I have even spoke to my partner about opening a shop that she runs and I can advertise her business!